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On this website we give you the graphic version of Baid and ofcourse MP3's.

We are currently looking for a recorddeal or co-working with other bands, artists or music producers (more music from Baid in swedish by Chilo, please visit www.chilo.se).

Our music lives through you. If you like our music, let us know. And tell it to your friends and the rest of the world - that'll keep us busy making new material. So don't give up hope on us, yet! We might still be rocking throughout Europe and the rest of the world one day soon.


How it all started...

Songs in MP3 from our latest demo, Establish Or Vanish , is up and running.

We offer some photos in black and white. If you have any pictures from our gigs in Stockholm, please send them to us.

No bookings at the moment.

Visit our site at myspace.com.

B I O G R A P H YD E M OP H O T O SC O N T A C T  U S !www.puhlsstudios.seS T A R T