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The members have been active since the late 80:ies. Mikael Bergenheim and Ulf Puhls started the band X-tract already in 1985. Their songs were written on such great syntheseizers as Roland Juno 106, Korg Poly 800 and Roland TR-707. Mikael did the backing vocals and Ulf did the lead. Further on new members took place in the band. X-tract where changing their music style from synthetic pop to a kind of guitar-based pop. In the end of 1986 they were five members with the following settings: vocals, keyboards, bass, guitar and drums. X-tract did their last gig in 1988.

Baid started as a five-member-band early in 1997. All members, except one, came from Kil, a small town north of Karlstad in Värmland, Sweden. The material was written mostly by the band's singer: Ulf Puhls. Later on he and the bassplayer Tony Duvald started to work together. The lyrics were mostly written and delivered by Mikael Bergenheim, who at that time lived in France. As a result of Ulfs' and Tonys' cooperation a four-track album was released during the Christmas of 1997. The idea with the album - in the first place - was to use it as a demo for the music industry, but in february 1998 the track " I know" was played on the radioshow, P3 Demo, in the swedish national radio, P3. The band was also interviewed in a local newspaper. Soon after that a few record companies were interested and wanted to see Baid live. Unfortunately three of the other members chose to quit for studies. Baid had difficulties to find new members.

In may of 1998 a new Baid took shape. Ulf and Tony decided to move on. They invited Mikael, who was moving back to Sweden, to the band. During this time the direction of the band took a turn. A lot of new material was written, and the new sound of the songs felt inspiring. This became a very productive period, resulting in a large source of new material, from which a few could be chosen for the forthcoming demo. In late summer, the same year, they moved to Stockholm and started to record the second demo. Demo 2.0 was finished before Christmas and released in January the 13th 1999.

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